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About Wireless Warriors

Breast cancer dragon boat teams started 27 years ago on the west coast of Canada by Dr. MacKenzie.


He conducted a study with 22 breast cancer survivors to show women that they could still be strong and that they could exercise after receiving a breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. He also wanted to demonstrate to medical practitioners that women could help manage their lymphedema by paddling (swelling of the arm when lymph nodes have been removed).


And guess what? He did!


There are now hundreds of breast cancer dragon boat teams all over the world and now, there is one here in Qatar!

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Dragon Boating is a great way to:

* Build your strength

* Help manage Lymphoedema

* Develop friendships with other survivors and supporters

* Learn a new skill

* Remind you that ANYTHING is possible

* Make you part of a global community

* Give you exercise you look forward to each week

*Ensure you laugh a lot! :)

The Doha Wireless Warriors started in November 2014. Originally organized for breast cancer survivors, it is now a community team for survivors, supporters and community members who like to have fun.


 One of the first members of the Doha Dragon’s group, Sandee Thompson, is herself a breast cancer survivor. She paddled and raced on a team in Nova Scotia, Canada.

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