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Paddling is a great way to meet like-minded people while you gain strength and confidence. It teaches you how to move in synch with others and provides a safe place for survivors to simply 'be' without feeling the need to talk about their diagnosis.

Doha Wireless Warriors Dragon Team for Cancer Survivors & Supporters

The Doha Wireless Warriors began in November 2014 after its founder was re-diagnosed with breast cancer. Already a member of a local dragon boat team, as well as one in her home town in Canada, her goal was to offer dragon boat sessions to survivors to build community, share her love of the sport and help manage, or prevent, lymphedema. (Lymphedema is a swelling of the arms when lymph nodes are removed. This swelling can be very uncomfortable and since paddling helps to keep the lymph fluid moving, it can help reduce swelling.)

Doha Wireless Warriors Dragon Team for Cancer Survivors & Supporters
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We are Doha Wireless Warriors. Dragon Boat Team for Cancer Survivors & Supporters come and join us. what's rule number one? Have fun!

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